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Easter through Art (Community Creative Exhibition)

Community Creative Exhibition in Grangetown, Cardiff.

Partnering with Grace Church, Grangetown.


All kinds of artwork displayed on the theme of 'Tree',  Easter through Art. From poetry, sowing, sculptures, glass works, paintings, woodwork, spoken word and much much more! Lois did creative workshops in two local primary schools, making artwork with the children for the exhibiton expecially. 

My personal artwork for the exhibition was:

Title: Substitution 

Medium: Rotating Mix Media Hanging Sculpture.

Our lives full of 'so-called' precious things are not all what it seems. Darkness lingers. The artpiece physically rotates around in reflection of Easter - Jesus’s substitution for humankind. Christ swapped his blameless life to replace our damaged lives.

Easter through Art (Community Creative Exhibition)

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