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Collaborating with others, especially other artists is crucial as we seek to benefit and support our local community.

I would love to collaborate with you.

Most of my work is based around community or building creative bridges between different people groups.  

When I'm invited to a location to host a pop-up exhibition or an art project I try my very best to get local artists involved. 

In the past artists have been;

  • freely showcased and their artwork displayed in a touring pop-up art exhibitions. 

  • sell their work without any curation or exhibition fee*

  • given time at an artists talks or interviewed at an event.

  • co-lead workshops

  • collaborated on a big scale projects

  • collaborating with artists from different disciplines on art projects

  • receive free curation, resources and opportunities

Underlining motivation for these projects is love.

Love for our communities, love for others, and personally for me, the love I receive from the Lord Jesus. All art projects are non-profit and is of charitable purposes. You can be of any faith, background and orientated to collaborate with me. Everyone is welcome!

Here you can see what projects I'm working on, and how you can collaborate with me. Additionally you can view my terms and conditions and how you can get in touch with me. Looking forwards to hearing from you. 

*depending on individual projects.


open calls

Green Suede

Green |  Gwyrdd

Open call for ALL artists.

Medium: We invite you to submit work in any medium (painting, photography, poetry, dance, music, video art, sculpting, mix media etc) for our new spring pop-up art Exhibition.

Theme: GREEN. This creative art exhibition will reflect a glimpse of our green planet and our surrounding nature. This broad title gives way to other interpretation of green, including environmental matters, ancient trees and the historical symbolism of green.

This pop-up show has a strong possibility of touring, touring around Wales, giving yet another meaning to the word ‘green’.

Deadline: 29 May 2024

Dates: Open from 5-8th June. Opening Event on Wednesday Evening 5th June. 

Location: Aberconway Hall, Village Community Centre, High Street, Eglwysbach, Colwyn Bay. North Wales. 

Hosted: Hosted by Eglwysbach Welsh Evangelical Church. (Welsh Language)

For more info: visit this page or message Lois Adams

Biblical Women

Benywod o'r Beibl

Open call for ALL female Artists!

Medium: We invite you to submit work in any medium (painting, photography, video art, sculpting, poetry, music, dance, mixed media etc.) for our compelling, touring exhibition celebrating International Women’s Day 2023/24: Biblical Women. Equity?   #EmbraceEquity.

Theme: We would love you to produce a piece of artwork inspired by the story and a life of a female/ woman/ girl who is in the Christian Bible. We invite female artists to respond through the medium of art to the written accounts of women and girls in the Bible. In the history of art the majority of artwork focusing on these Biblical women was produced by men. It is entirely appropriate for women to take a fresh look and provide their own interpretation of the events recorded.

Deadline: 28 April 2024

Date: Thursday 2 May - Tuesday 7 May 2024. Opening day and conference - 2 May.

Location: Church Hall - Bethesda Presbyterian Chapel, New St, Mold. CH7 1UL.  Entrance at the back, near Poundland)

Hosted: Welsh Bethesda Presbyterian Chapel. (Welsh Speaking)

To find out more please visit this page.

Digital Chronometer

In the Beginning...

Yn y Dechreuad...

Open call for ALL artists.

Medium: We invite you to submit work in any medium (painting, photography, poetry, dance, music, video art, sculpting, installation, mix media etc) for our new pop-up art Exhibition.

Theme: "Yn y Dechreuad" / "In the Beginning", are weighty words that has layers of meaning and multitude of perspectives. January holds new beginning, new promises but also we face winter and long dark months.  Let's inspire one another as we explore this inspiring theme.  

Deadline: Saturday 7th December 2024.

Dates: Open at the beginning of January 2025. Exact dates to be confirmed. Opening Event TBC.

Location: Pwllheli, Penllyn, North Wales.

Hosted: Hosted by Welsh speaking churches in Penllyn area. (Welsh Language)

For more info: call or message Lois Adams

Paint Cans

Mural in Llanelli

Open call for ALL artists to collaborate.

Medium: We invite you to collaborate with Lois on a large mural in Llanelli. We are interested to collaborate with artists who can paint, draw and work well within a team. 

Theme: Transforming the old Police Station.

Deadline: Can physical collaborate with Lois in Llanelli any time during these dates: 22-31 March + 8-13 April 2024

Location: Llanelli, South Wales.

Hosted: Hosted by Llanelli Free Evangelical Church. 

For more info: call or message Lois Adams

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