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My desire is to give everyone the opportunity to hear and get to know Jesus Christ and discuss life's big questions using our culture, the Creative Arts and the imagination.


My hope is to be funded by the church for the church. I plan to develop new creative resources, equip and enable churches to present Christ to the people of Wales in gripping and imaginative ways. 


My work as a Creative Evangelist is funded in part by Cardiff Welsh Evangelical Church, with the remainder coming through the generous donations of supportive churches, organisation and individuals. For this reason I do not charge a set fee for the services I provide. There is a suggested rate of £160 per day (plus travelling expenses), however this is completely voluntary. We appreciate that every church situation will vary and we wouldn’t want cost to hinder opportunities for evangelism and gospel work, and so you are welcome to give more or less than this, as you are able. For those who wish to partner with me and support me on a more regular basis, details can be found here:

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