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Here are some of my main goals in community projects.


  • Discussing life's big questions that culture is already asking.

  • Open up discussions about life's deeper meaning using the creative arts.

  • Enabling a conversation to happen between different people groups using the creative arts.

  • An art project that will enable us to see someone else's viewpoint, and promote empathy.

  • Using the creative arts to participate in community events, pointing towards God's lordship.

  • Providing a safe space to discuss ideas and communicate thoughts.

  • Creating an activity in the area to draw people's attention.

Below are some past projects or ideas.

Blue Abstract_edited.jpg

Examples below:

Below are a number of examples that I think would suit your commission or brief. Please have a read through and let me know what ideas you like or preferred as individuals, church or as an organisation.

Narnia Trail

Narnia Trail How To...

Instructions, ideas, tips and guideline about running a Narnia Trail.

Narnia Trail Risk Assessment.

An example you can use / adapt / change.

Creative Outreach

Creative Evangelism Ideas.

How can we engage with others using the creative arts.

WLF Women's Events Ideas 2021.

Collection of ideas of events for women. (Released at WLF 2021). 

Making Opportunities to Share the Gospel over Easter

Collection of ideas over Easter to engage with others.

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