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Here is a pdf document on how to set up a Narnia Trail or Nativity Trail.


Large 2D characters that can be placed outside in your park or community or inside. Nativity Trail follows different characters and their perspective of seeing baby Jesus. Narnia Trail follows C.S.Lewis characters, sharing some of the books' virtues and hope. Other trails are available or can be made uniquely for your church circumstance.


Sarah from The Bridge Church, Pontprenau, Cardiff.

"We were able to use the Nativity characters to bless our local primary school, as well as in our church's Christmas services.

The school used them as a background for the children's Nativity concerts, and also set up a trail all around the school for pupils to complete.

Our church enjoyed using the characters as part of our Candlelit Carol Service - they decorated the main entrance and corridor leading into the service. They looked really striking and effective, especially for visitors who may have been unfamiliar with the true Christmas story.

The figures are brilliant quality and worked really well in lots of different ways and spaces."

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