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I was honoured to curate Suzi Joshi's collection of artwork, called 'Rooted in Nature'. @ Parc Arts, Treforest, Pontypridd. 

Word from the curator; Lois Adams.

"Suzi Joshi's artwork celebrates nature in all its details. Her intricate and energetic lines weave themselves into complex patterns, inviting you to pause and meditate within them. Your eyes wander across the work as you navigate its movements and stillness. Her diverse mark-making also features strongly within all her work, especially her woodblock prints and her etching. In this exhibition Joshi presents both coloured and monochrome work. Her expression through colour captures many atmospheres from earthy autumnal burst, to the quiet peaceful yet longing blues.


This exhibition has a wide range of works and forms from pen-drawings, etching, woodcut, collage (to name a few). But they all sing as one in their appreciation of nature and our roots on this earth. It reminds me of how we should take time to look and enjoy nature that is around us. Take time to notice the variety. Lastly, it encouraged me to treasure and take time to ponder on how I take care and steward nature for the next generation to come."

Here is a short video of our set up!

Curating Artwork: Rooted in Nature.

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