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The Wordless Book Experience

The Wordless Book is a Christian evangelistic book.

Evidence points to it being introduced by the famous London Baptist preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon, in a message given on January 11, 1866 to several hundred orphans regarding Psalm 51:7 "Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow." It is called a "book", as it is usually represented with pages, although it can be shown on a single page or banner.


EOS Coll. has created The Wordless Book Experience.

We invite the community to come and experience this multi-sensory and interactive art installation. People are encouraged to walk through the installation and experience each room/colour in a powerful immersive way. This project was firstly created for Bethesda Church outreach mission for Hay Festival, Hay on Wye. But our intention now is to offer and tour this Experience to other churches all around Wales. See below for touring details and photos.

Road Trip

Touring The Wordless Book Experience around Wales.

  • The Experience will need a minimum space of 5 x 8 meters. Size of actual tent is 3 x 6 meters and is 3m high. 

  • Can be displayed inside and outside (on level ground).

  • The Experience can be open to the public all hours only if it's displayed inside with electricity plugged in. The Experience has a limited opening hours while displayed outside, depending on nature light.

  • Guidelines and words are bilingual and the experience is accessible for all people, for young and old and international friendly.

  • The Experience is pram and wheelchair friendly. But we advise people that the space can be tight in places and have overhanging objects. 

  • Risk Assessment is available on demand.

  • We ask people to refrain from smoking, having an open source of flame and running through the experience. Please note that there is an emergency only exit via the corner of the red room. Please mind your head in certain areas and please do respect the art that was made for your enjoyment! 

Invite The Wordless Book Experience to your area

by emailing Lois via this link here.

Touring The Wordless Book Experience around Wales.

Hay on Wye:

24-27 May 2024

Aberystwyth: TBC

12-23 August 2024 

Waterfront Church, Swansea;

8-14 September 2024

Keep an eye here for updates.

Designed and organised by Lois Mihangel Adams

Diolch i   |   Thanks to…


Lois Mihangel Adams

Caryn Schafer          

Leah Jones                          Instagram:

Lio Cheung               

Luned Gwawr Evans

Laura Wilson                      Instagram: kingfisherkitsch


Llio Haf Adams

Derrick Adams

Lynne Davies

Deasuk Cheung

Becca Nunes

Bedwyr Lewis

Megan Conway

Beth Gamson

Hannah Souter

Alun Johnson and Bekah from the 2024 G.C.P. Group, Wales Leadership Forum.


Members of Bethesda Evangelical Church, Hay on Wye.


Deo Gloria Trust Fund


This is an EOS Collective Initiative; 

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